Small Changes

SMALL CHANGES is the explosive novel of women struggling to make their place in a man’s world.


Intelligent, sensual Miriam Berg wanted to love and be loved. She traded a doctorate for marriage and security, only to find herself hungry for a life of her own-but terrified of losing her husband.


Shy, frightened Beth ran away from her parents, her husband, her way of life. She ran to a new world, different ideas and a different kind of love. . . the love of another woman.


“Beautiful, inspiring, realistic, essential.” -Boston Phoenix
“She sustains her hard driving prose throughout this long, completely absorbing novel…It’s a big rich novel that one hoped would emerge from the new women’s consciousness…When you read it you are caught up in the excitement of watching Marge Piercy’s talent explode all over the page, and she never loses control of the explosion.”
John Alfred Avant, LIBRARY JOURNAL


“A powerful and wonderful combination of poetry, passion and politics…This is the first novel to depict heroines as well as casualties of the sex war … sharply witty, deadly serious, visionary.”
Phyllis Chesler


“… a novel that will be read, reread and talked over as Lessing’s have been, but the voice and characterization are Piercy’s own. The book has a wonderful generosity of detail, tone and character; it has the range and inclusiveness of old-fashioned fiction yet its insights are radical. I have never seen so lucidly represented the differences between what women and men want out of sex, conversation, relationships of all kinds. More than anything this is a novel in which the women characters, instead of being depicted as numbed or living under a `bell jar’, retain the vitality and intelligence of their feelings and insist on them even when they lead to risk and defiance.”
Adrienne Rich


“This groundbreaking novel teams with women in transition and their mothers, fathers, lovers, husbands, children, employers…SMALL CHANGES speaks to the totality of a woman’s experience and as such is unquestionably unique…one must feel gratitude for the amity and emotional intensity of the intimate human concerns in this passionately life-oriented novel.”
Myrna Lamb, Washington POST