Recent Publications

Marge has recent work in the following:


“One of the Expendables,” The Cape Cod Times, May 23, 2013.


“Ghosts,”  The Monthly Review, Volume 64, Issue 10, March, 2013.


Saving Mother From Herself ,” New short fiction, from Marge’s forthcoming collection of stories, about a woman who resists her family’s efforts to clean up what they consider her messy life. MS Magazine, Winter 2013.


“Hope is a long, slow thing,” The Progressive, Volume 76, No 12/1, December 2012/January 2013.


Click here for a lovely little story about Marge in a blog called How We Spend Our Days.


“Ethics for Republicans”, On the Issues Magazine, Winter 2012.


“I know so little”, “ Different voices, one sentence”, “Action isn’t everything”, “Discovery motion”, SOFTBLOW Poetry Journal, January 18, 2012.


“Burning leaves”, “Beauty never wearing out”, “Our neverending entanglement” , “In case of fire”, The Pinch, Spring 2012.


“On second thought”, “Burying hope in the garden”, San Pedro River Review, Volume 4, Number 1, Spring 2012.


“A kind of emptiness” , “Loving the strange”, Third Wednesday, Winter 2012.


“Another Obituary”, MS Magazine online, April 2012.


“In time or out of it”, “What my mother gave me”, “Ashes in their places”, “The body in the hot tub”, “Agitated cat sees trouble coming”, Featured poet in San Diego Poetry Annual 2011–12.


“In the desert,” Alaska Quarterly Review, Volume 29 No. 1 & 2, Spring & Summer, 2012.


“The poor are no longer with us,” “These bills are long unpaid,” Monthly Review, Vol. 64, No. 1, May 2012.


“Your anxiety,” “End of at least some days,” “My relationship with my vehicle,” Poetry Victims, Volume 8, Issue 5, May 2012.


“Belief in a winding road,” And Love: A Different Kind of Poetry Anthology, Jacar Press, 2012.

“Erev New Year’s,” Midstream Magazine, Published by the Theodor Herzel Foundation, Summer 2011.


“Tsunami,” “All Fall Down,” Nimrod International Journal, Spring 2012, Volume 55, Number 2.


“Little Plastic Longings,” Third Wednesday, Spring 2012.


“The frost moon,” “Little rabbit’s dream song,” “Let me lie awhile yet,” “Cotton’s wife,” ‘The eve of whatever,” Ibbetson Street, #31, Summer 2012.


“Bang, crash over,” Blue Lyra Review, July 2012.

“The discarded,” “An evening in early December,” “A whale is singing,” “The beheaded,” “The wall of cold approaches,” “When memories attack,” Paterson Literary Review, Volume 40, 2012–2013.


“Mysteries, quandaries,” “The sleeping mind recreates,” The Muse Online Poetry Journal, June 2012.


“I say Kaddish but still mourn,” Poetica Magazine, Summer 2012.


“Marinade for an Elderly Rabbit,” 5 AM Poetry, Issue #35, Summer 2012.


“Brightness rains down,” “Drying up,” Sugar Mule Literary Magazine, Special Edition, Women Writing Nature, Issue #44, Summer 2012.


“What it means,” Monthly Review, September 2012, Volume 64, Number 4.

“The end not yet in sight,” The San Pedro River Review, Vol 4, No 5, Fall 2012.


“That summer day,” “By the river Ohio,” The Mas Tequila Review, Issue #5, Fall 2012.


“Hindsight,” “Death on the kitchen counter,” Poet Lore, Volume 107, Number 3/4, Fall/Winter 2012.


“The street that was,” Fifth Wednesday, Fall 2012, Issue #12.


“Late afternoon they come,” Midstream, Volume LVIII, Summer 2012.

“Butterfly dance,” “What will betray you,” Mobius, Volume XXX, 30th Anniversary Issue.