Hard Loving

In this collection of poetry from the sixties, Marge Piercy writes “from the Movement, for the Movement.” The civil rights, anti-war, and women’s movements are reflected in these deeply personal poems filled with the fire, anger, and compassion which Piercy expresses so well. These poems are tough and tender, gritty with the urban landscape yet alive with reverence for the earth, enraged at the violence and injustices of man yet hopeful at the prospect of true community. Piercy’s second collection of poetry is about hard loving and hard living in a time of turmoil and optimism: “It is time to turn over. / It is time to loosen and to make new.”


“Angry, alive, loving, real poetry: not feminine, but powerfully female.”


“Piercy has the double vision of the utopian: a view of human possibility – harmony between the sexes, among races and between humankind and nature-that makes the present state of affairs clearly unacceptable by comparison.”
–Margaret Atwood, New York Times Book Review