Available on CD or Tape

Marge Piercy: Poems: l2 poems, some recorded in l968, some in 1969, by Radio Free People, l33 Mercer St., NYC, l00l2; time: 30 minutes.

Laying down the Tower: sequence of ll poems record in 1972, by Radio Free People, NYC; time: 30 minutes (Both items on tape and cassette).

Laying down the Tower: also included in Black Box No. l, cassette mag, 1972.

Reclaiming Ourselves: Radio Free People, NYC, 1973. Marge Piercy reading her poems, sometimes alone, sometimes with guitar accompaniment, and Painted Women’s Ritual Theater with Jeriann Hilderley performing some of her songs.

Reading and Thoughts: Marge Piercy, Women’s Studies Series, Everett/Edwards, Inc., Deland, Florida, recording.

At the core: Cassette of reading, by Watershed Tapes, Washington, DC, 1976.

RECORD: Atomic Love, Katzberg and Snyder, “What’s That Smell in the Kitchen?” from CIRCLES ON THE WATER, read by Kate Katzberg, Manufactured at A&R Records, Dallas, TX, recorded at Celebration Sounds, Pawtucket, RI, 1983.

Reading of excerpts from BRAIDED LIVES, WOMAN ON THE EDGE OF TIME and poetry, 65 minutes, cassette, American Audio Prose Library, Columbia, MO, ’86.

Interview, 60 minutes, cassette, American Audio Prose Library, 1986.

Interview and poetry reading, New Letters on the Air, University of Missouri-Kansas City, 1989, 30 minutes.

COMPACT DISC: Rosalie Sorrels, Be careful, there’s a baby in the house, 1991, Green Linnet Records, Inc., “Right to life”.

Audiobook, THE LONGINGS OF WOMEN, Time Warner, 3 hours, 1994.

BBC Radio Drama, BODY OF GLASS, broadcast June 10, 1995, 90 minutes.

Woman’s Hour Poetry Collection, cassette of reading , “What’s that smell in the kitchen” from CIRCLES ON THE WATER, produced by Pat McLoughlin, A BBC/Penguin Book.

“The book of Ruth and Naomi” from Mars and Her Children included in the oratorio women of valor by Andrea clearfield, 1999.

COMPACT DISC: In Other Words, The Jewish Writer Reads her Work, six poems including “On Shabbat she dances on the candle flame,” “The chuuppa,” “The task never completed,” “The Kaddish,” “Mahzoh,” “Belly Good,” 2001

LOUDER: We Can’t Hear You (Yet!) The Selected Political Poems of Marge Piercy, 63:24, CD, Leapfrog Press Audio Books, 2004.



Filmed at the Dodge Poetry Festival, New Jersey, September, 1998: “Sounds of Poetry with Bill Moyers” Show #3, Public Affairs Television 8/11/99 devoted to Marge Piercy poetry and an interview with Marge Piercy.

“Fooling with Words with Bill Moyers”, aired on Sunday, September 26, 1999, Public Affairs Television.