Thrilling to Get My Hair Cut

Like most everybody I know, it has been months since my hair was trimmed and it got very straggly.  I tried to cut my bangs and the result was uneven and way too short because I kept trying to get it straight.  I went masked of course, spent a long time waiting in the parking lot, but at least, my hair should no longer arouse snickers or pity.  Woody also got his hair cut.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

It was really hot sitting in the car while his appointment went on inside.  I was almost well done by the time he came back out.  But I’m still happy to have a little normality in our lives.  We celebrated our anniversary on Tuesday [we got together in 1976; married in 1982]  with a beautiful day together [fun except for freezing spinach] and had take out from Moby Dick’s. Usually we go there on our anniversary.  But take out was great with a bottle of Konstantine Frank’s champagne – steamers, lobsters, corn.  Enough lobster was left over to provide a second dinner of lobster salad Wednesday night. Friday it cooled down.                                                                                         

We love our organic frozen spinach in winter. There are so many recipes that are great. But freezing spinach is my least favorite harvest job.  I get soaked to the skin.  Only my bras isn’t very wet by the time I’ve finished.  There are puddles on the floor, in the stove,  and all the potholders are too wet to use.  But the result is worth it.  Beans are easy to freeze but never come out as good as fresh. The weather has turned hot so it will bolt soon.  That’s why every day of the week since Monday I froze several pounds. Now we have 17 lbs frozen and just enough for one fresh meal left in the garden.

My dear friend Gigi came over Wednesday afternoon.  We sat on the sun porch ten feet apart with a nice breeze blowing through. She brings her sandwich and coke, I have my Greek yogurt and applesauce and water.  It’s a pleasure to see her face to face instead of on ZOOM.  I find it clunky.  I have my annual checkup with my regular doctor on the  23rd but it’s going to be virtual.  The main thing wrong with me is my ankle, and she can’t help that. The pollen allergy is abating, finally.  The worst spring ever for allergies. Now pine pollen is coating the car and everything else.  We used to have a smoky blue car. Now it’s green.

I can’t join a march because of my bum ankle.  Walking a very short distance is all I can do.  I get my exercise mostly in the garden or in the house.  But I wrote a poem See them, fear them about the murder of Black men and women by police and posted it on the internet rather than sending it to any magazine.  I did leave out being beaten by the cops at demonstrations and protests .I felt I didn’t need to point to that as it’s happening every evening in this country.

Here’s a photo of Mingus and Xena holding hands/paws.  They loved each other very much.  They cuddled together every day and night. Willow and Schwartzie are doing fine by now, but Mingus still cries a lot and searches for Xena in all her usual spots.  They loved each other. 

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