The Death of Retail

It has come to the point when it’s very difficult to buy anything except online.  Woody tried to buy an Apple laptop.  The store was gone. We’d shopped there for our Apples for years. [I use a PC now after Apple’s new operating system destroyed all my files – ALL]  There’s aren’t any Apple stores without driving two hours.  He bought a new Droid phone. But the store no longer transfers data.  He had to drive an hour to get the phone and even then afer he drove back, he had to spend two days learning how to move data.

I went to a store in Hyannis Thursday to buy lipstick.  They had only liquid and not much of that.  I remember going into a Lord & Taylor last year, choosing a sweater and walking around for fifteen minutes trying to find a living clerk who could ring it up.  We are constantly trying to buy things locally and going on line and getting it instead.  I told a friend in Israel who gave me “the world’s best tahini,” – an Israeli brand. It turned out she was right.  She offered to send another from Israel, but we it on Amazon.  But nowhere else in the U.S. we could find that tahini.

While we weree waiting for Dorian  Friday late afternoon.  Woody picked what he could as I know otherwise a lot of the vegetables will be tossed on the ground.  We weree expecting at least 2 inches of rain and high winds.  It’s not supposed to be a category one hurricane here – that will be well out to sea heading for Nova Scotia.  If my dear friend Dan were still alive and there where he spent half his time, I’d be worried about him.  I’m in middle of filling bottles and pans.  We will surely lose power – we always do.  I just hope that my precious trees don’t get socked.  They’re heavy with leaves now.  I’m been through two hurricanes here and several tropical storms and nor’easters.  Sometimes we sustain considerable damage; sometimes not.  We covered the furniture on the sunporch to protect it from heavy  rain.lood in.  We’re still picking up stuff outside.  I wanted to pick flowers but I don’t thinkI’ll have time before the rains hit us.

Now it’s Saturday morning.  When we got up, it wass blowing hard and raining hard.  We lost power briefly but now it seems to be back. So far so good with our trees.  I worry especially about the weeping beech I planted in 1972.  It’s a huge beautiful tree but very heavy with leaves.  I worry too about our sugar maples. And the greenhouse.  But perhaps the highest winds [the TV said 60 gusts here] are over.  Still the trees are tossing around. Now the rain is getting lighter but the winds are getting stronger again. No more rain now as I write this [mid morning] but the winds are still high and knocking things around. 

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