The Annual Juried Workshop

It’s a good group this year, as it was last.  The weather was not great.  We had a sunny day Monday and on Wednesday the sun came out in the late afternoon.  Otherwise, it pretty much rained.  It was so chilly, often windy and cold that Woody did not do the bonfire on the beach this year.  But the workshop has gone well, I believe.  i hope the poets got what they needed out of the half hour conferences.  Thursday Melenie came to help and we had the workshop reading at the Wellfleet library.  The room was packed and the audience seemed happy.  I was called back for an encore. Friday we had the workshop party in the house this year.  Melenie and I cooked many dishes for it. This was the first year I had no Canadian poets.  We had two from the West Coast and Adina Kopinsky came from Israel. 

Woody is at war with the rabbits, who are eating our beans as soon as they start to climb.  We had such good germination and now about 40% of the plants are gone.  He replanted and used up all the bean seeds we had and still it rains every night and every morning we see at least one rabbit in the garden gobbling the bean plants. So far they’ve left my witner squash plants alone.  We also had good germination with them.  We are approaching the end of the sprintg broccoli and the spinach has bolted. We are getting small yellow squash as the rains hold them back, and so far the zucchinis have been huge plants but no flower, no zukes.

This week of course I wrote no poems.  By the time I finished the morning workshop and the afternoon conferences, I was dead.  Useless.  Woody found some local strawberries and together he and I froze them Wednesday after my conferences.  Next Monday, he’s hoping to get more as we’ve only frozen 3 pints and 1 quart so far, which is not nearly enough.  I won’t freeze the woody tasteless California strawberries. 

Saturday I just vegged.  Melenie came on Thursday and sold books at the workshop reading.  Then she cooked and cooked with me and then after the party ended, she helped immensely cleaning up as did Pam and her girlfriend from the workshop.  I was dead by then and could barely move.  Everything was hurting and I had gotten up at 5:30 all week, managing on far less sleep than I need all week.  This weekend we’ve had sun although of course it also rained part of Saturday.  Neither of us have been in the garden since it starting raining all the time.  Everything is sodden.  I’m still getting the house back in order.  I have an enormous laundry to do as I didn’t wash the sheets last Sunday as I had the laundry I usually do on Monday or Tuesday – the personal laundry – that hd to be done.  So today I have two weeks worth of sheets and some extra towels. Melenie and I had some quiet time to talk Saturday morning.  I had given her her birthday presents when she arrived on Thursday, as I won’t see her before her birthday in less than two weeks.

I don’t know which to give priority too, getting the house back in order [I managed to do some of that Saturday in spite of fatigues] or getting into the garden as the weeks are rampant.  I guess I’ll figure it out was I go along today. 

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