Venturing Out sans Boot!

Yesterday I went out without the boot to have my feet worked on by a podiatrist.  Woody put the stabilizing boot on me when I got back. Then Dale picked me up at 11:15 and we drove to Chatham.  My friend Gigi wanted to take me out to lunch at the tavern at the Chatham Bars Inn.  Dale dropped me off, went to his health club to swim, and then picked me up after lunch.  It’s about a 45 minute drive each way.  Without Dale’s help and his health club, I’d never be able to do this. I had a great time with Gigi. And  I went out twice, once very briefly and once for three hours.  No more cabin fever.  It was sunny but cold.  Pleasant Bay looks gorgeous, inviting, but if you were actually out on it, it would freeze your nose and ears off, cold and very windy. I’m still riding a high from finally getting out of the house.

The weather has turned quite cold but no snow.  We had a dusting overnight yesterday but it was gone by nine a.m. However, winter does seem to have arrived. If it stays this cold. I expect that ponds will freeze.  If you don’t live in New England it would come as news to you that what are called lakes everyplace else, are referred to as ponds here.  We have clouds of birds at the feeders.  On milder days, the red and the grey squirrels come out, dash around, try to get sunflower seeds from the feeders. I haven’t seen any raccoons yet this winter. 

Manuscripts are still coming in, more this year than ever before.  I’ll officially close the workshop next week on Wednesday or Thursday.  Actually Woody has to close it.  I can put a notice on FB but he has to deal with the webpage.  I have no access to it.  We’re in the midst of mailing a packet to the 12 accepted poets.  It contains a letter with instructions for joining the private workshop FB group and what remains to be done before the workshop.  I also include a local map where I’ve marked the location of the workshop, the beach party, the library where we will read together and our house where I will meet with each of them for a half hour conference and where the concluding workshop party will be held.

At least the flood of manuscripts has finally diminished to a trickle.  I’ve had time and energy to do my own work, for a change.  I wrote four poems this week. We’ve also finished filling out the several seed orders.  Monday Dale, my assistant, will add them up and send them off.  Woody and I do the seeds the week after New Year’s across a few evenings.  Since I need to rest and elevate my anklea certain amount of the day, I added to them and finished them off.  Next comes the earliest perennial orders

Schwartzie is obsessed with football.  He gets on his hind legs and drums on the screen trying to get at the ball and sometimes at the players.  He especially is enamored of running backs.  With the Pats favoring the running game these days, he should have a great time with the divisional play-offs. He sometimes gets excited by Animal Planet, especially wild dogs, monkeys, apes and big cats.  I have not been playing with the cats nearly enough because of my immobility.  Yesterday I brought out a tall basket of their toys and plan to start playing with them far more today.

We’ll watch the divisional games this weekend, nothing else, no company, no going out.  I’m still not able to cook a company dinner but I hope by next weekend, I’ll be able to.  I have been cooking supper most nights.  I find my mobility being limited a true drag and depressing at times.  I have always been a great walker, walking miles several times a week since childhood. It was a joy to get outside today, even if by car. I’m using a cane to take weight off my left ankle.  It feels odd to favor my left foot, as my left knee healed much faster than my right knee after total knee replacements. I’m hoping to go to dinner with acquaintances in Provincetown this coming Thursday, also to the vet for Xena’s yearly exam and to the doctor. I’d giddy with the possibilities of getting outside more.

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