The Poetry Group, The Filmmaker, and The Hurricane

It’s been another too busy week. After the Anderson window people left, we had a day and a half putting the house back together. Just unloading dishes and putting them back took well over an hour. I finally got the escarole and endive seeds into my garden. The lettuces, radishes, arugol I was wakened Tuesday night @ 4:50 by loud noise: the remnant of Florence had landed on Wellfleet. I haven’t spoken to people from other towns, and nobody else had this storm. It was loud as a freight train, torrents of water pounding on the roof. Three and a half inches of rain in two hours. I never got back to sleep. It was actually frightening. It reminded me of hurricanes we’re gone through and I also kept thinking of the people in the Carolinas going through this for days. We needed the rain but our weather is no longer temperate as it was the first thirty-five years I lived here. We get extremes of weather now. We had a terrible drought all summer, no rain at all. Now we’re getting plenty of rain, much of it concentrated in cloudbursts.

My poetry group met Wednesday night. It was upsetting this time as we had a political fight. Individuals sometimes focus on another country to demonize: Cuba, Venezuela, Israel. It’s so convenient to focus your rage on another country where you’ve never been, whose history and politics are opaque to you, instead of trying to change worse things here, things we’re responsible for. Our country is causing enormous pain, whether it’s denying women’s health care here and abroad, tearing children from their parents and imprisoning them, killing children in Yemen with our bombs we provide to our pals, Saudi Arabia, permitting the import of tusks from endangered species, destroying land sacred to Natives, polluting and causing the world to get hotter and hotter and with more bad storms.

We went into Boston this week to get things we can’t get here. Friday, Omri Lior, an Israeli filmmaker came to film me. Xena ‘guarded’ me all day. She was especially suspicious of his equipment. I hope I did a good job, put it was difficult to keep repeating the same poems over and over and over and over again. It’s hard to feel them after a while. Afterward, I was exhausted. So Woody ordered pizza and I just made a Greek salad. Omri may be back in April to film more. He’s on a lecture tour and there are showings of his films here and there.

We’re both worn out and are determined to see no one and try to take it easy this weekend. Neither of us is good at that. There’s always so much to be done. But I’m going to try. I finished THERE, THERE by TommyOrange and it impressed me. I recommend it. I’ve been reading Mary Mackey’s new and selected poems, JAGUARS THAT PROWL OUR DREAMS. She’s a fine poem.

I will try to watch the Pats tomorrow but it seems hopeless. They hamstrung Brady who has no good receivers. Brandon Cooks has been doing great for the Rams as has Danny Amendola for the Dolphins. I don’t understand why Belichick and Kraft gutted the offense. What did they think they were doing? It feels spiteful or stupid. The Rams, the Vikings, the Dolphins all spent a lot before the season getting good players. I’m afraid the dynasty is over. I have been following the Kavanaugh hearings with disgust. Obviously it’s time to put a rapist on the Supreme Court. The Republicans have shown their contempt for women time after time. Ford is brave for going up against that patriarchal mess.

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