Necessary Pandemonium

Tuesday morning, finally the Anderson people came to replace all fifteen windows in the dining room and the bay windows in the living room. It was incredibly noisy. I was trapped in the back of the house with three of the cats. Willow retreated deep in the wall in her condo in the storeroom. She came out last night and slept with me after eating a late supper. Each day, she ate breakfast with the other cats, but when the banging, hammering and sawing began, she fled. Schwartzie and Xena hid deep in my closet together. They only came out after the workers left. I was able to write one poem before things got too noisy to think. I escaped briefly Tuesday to have luncha t the Bookstore with my friend Janet, who takes care of the cats when we’re out of town.

There was a deluge while we were eating and then a bigger and longer one shortly thereafter. I don’t know how much rain we got – I think probably an inch and a half—but we could sure use it. With everything piled in the storeroom and my assistant’s office, It’s hard to find anything, including three packets of seeds I meant to plant today. I managed to plant some more lettuce [what I planted last Friday has already germinated], arugula and radishes, but I can’t find my packets of escarole and endive. I haven’t thrown them out but I suspect they got buried when everything in the diningroom was moved or covered.  Mingus is the only cat who doesn’t seem phased by the work and the noise. He’s 11 and says he’s seen it all.

I was stuck in here as the way out was totally blocked. We didn’t go to services, but I meditated and read some of the service in one of the Yom Kippur siddurs I have. We didn’t choose for them to replace the windows on Yom Kippur but we’ve been waiting for them since July and we weren’t about to put it off longer. Nonetheless, it felt weird and unsatisfying to be closed up in my office and bedroom unable to get out. It didn’t feel holy. It just felt boring. I love silence and have had none of it lately.

I wrote four poems over last weekend, so that was a relief as I didn’t get to write last week except for my blog. Woody pulled most of the tomato plants and put away the cages and other apparatus this week. We have a lot of green tomatoes so I’m looking at recipes. The Pats game was a big disappointment but I couldn’t do anything in high 90’s high humidity weather myself. I just sag and complain and try to get into airconditioning. So I don’t take the loss too seriously.   We’ll see.

Melenie came to visit yesterday from Easthampton in the Pioneer Valley yesterday.  She loves lamb so that’s whatweI cooked. Tonight our friend Sophia who is back for her job at the Fine Arts Work Center and Ann, who’s been our friend for years and who interviewed me for the P’town Banner, will be eating with Melenie and us. Woody’s making swordfish and I’ll make the rest of the meal. Sophia’s baking a cake. She’s a wonderful baker, a rare accomplishment in someone young. But both Melenie and Ann can cook too. Maybe I choose young friends who can cook? I just realized that. Or attract them? Melenie and I plan to make green tomato relish this morning.

It’s been a difficult week. I tried to tidy my office, one of the few things I could do while the work on the windows went on. Tuesday, I did some more research for our Finger Lakes trip, wineries that are worth visiting that we haven’t explored before and what wines they offer that sound interesting. I was so bored, I read the Farmers’ Almanac. I have a book I’m very involved in but I couldn’t get to it. It was stuck in the livingroom and I was stuck in my office.

The new windows are beautiful and as our friend John said, afterwards you forget the disruption and just enjoy the windows. Schwartzie and Mingus especially like the new bay windows. The girls haven’t warmed up to them yet.

I’m working on a poem for a new Holocaust project. They give you an old photo and I’m to write a poem about it touching on moral issues





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