Scams and veggies, lawyers and storms

Wednesday about 10:30 I had a phonecall from a woman at Marquis, the publishers of Who’s Who. She told me I had been selected to receive an award for outstanding achievement. They were going to put a whole lot on line about me and my work, including a bio and send it to the various places like Google, Wickpedia, etc, etc. She kept collecting information and I obliged. Then she said there would be a fee. How suchi asked. She kept talking about all they were going to do for me. I kept saying, somewhat louder each time, HOW MUCH? Finally she answered $980! She added that included a plaque. NO THANK YOU, I said, and hung up.

I wondered about who was desperate and hungry enough for attention to pay almost a grand for online presence – that I have anyhow. What a scam. She said only 1 ½ percent of listees in Who’s Who got this ‘prestigous’ award. I’ll bet they offer it to everyone in their books. She wasted about 25 minutes of my time.

The peppers, both hot and sweet, are finally coming in. I made the first dish with the first of our very very late and none too numerous red cabbages Tuesday night. They got off to a rough start with the extremely cold and prolonged spring. The same with the broccoli – we got less than ever before and I only managed to freeze one pound. What survived we ate. I froze another 2 ½ beans Wednesday and finished off the black currant rum. I made a quart of refrigerator pickles from the garden: yellow squash, some purple beans, summer squash, zucchini, carrots, red pepper. I did it with Dale, my assistant, and he went home with his own quart of pickles

We sent off the first hefty check to the lawyer who is vetting the CBS streaming contract and who is asking them for several changes. This is for a projected series from WOMAN ON THE EDGE OF TIME. I really wish people interested in film of TV would consider HE, SHE AND IT instead. It’s far more timely and would work better in those media.

We had a little rain Thursday from a thunderstorm, about ¼ inch, but Orleans got 5 inches and flooding. This is one weird summer, but then all the weather is extreme now in the Anthropocene and continuing governmental global warming denial. There are huge numbers of bugs this year. Every night before I go to bed, I kill about 25 in the bathroom sink alone and about that many more in the morning and then in the bathtub. Tiny beetles and slightly larger elongated somethings. If I don’t get every last one out, they get in my hair when I was it. Spiders don’t eat the tiny beetles. No meat on them.

It’s time to get the cole crop seedlings I started a few weeks ago into the ground. I got up very early this morning to plant. Yesterday, I weeded the raised bed in my garden where at least half of them will go. I’ll have to see what fits. Thursday night we went out to friends and tonight we go to a party. August is always very social, often too much so. If I go out two nights a week, that’s my limit. While we were out, I taped the first Pats’ preseason game so we could watch it Friday night.

Willow now sleeps with me just about every night. She has become bolder and insists that is her right. She’s a good bed cat, demands some petting but then goes to sleep. When I get up to pee, she says, time for more petting. Then she goes to sleep when I do. She’s very well behaved, doesn’t jump on me, puts her head and upper body on me but plants most of her body on the bed.

Today I planted the cilantro, basil and a couple of the fall cole crops I started a few weeks ago. Some seedlings I started that day are still too tiny to plant. The hot weather doesn’t help. Today is cloudy and that does make working in the garden less exhausting. Some of the bad air from the California wildfires has arrived, so I don’t like to be outside more than I have to. Tonight a friend is giving a party.

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