The museum, the reading, and the storm

We left early Thursday morning for Boston, Cambridge, Brookline. The weather was mild. We stopped at Bed Bath and Beyond to replace broken wineglasses and hampers I use for laundry. Then we went to the MFA mostly to see the Escher exhibit which we both enjoyed immensely. He is such an incredible draughtsman. I love the intricacy and the precision of his work.

Then I got my medical marijuana for the next two months in Brookline. That is the happiest place I go to – the people who work there seem in a good mood always and the cancer patients, the vets with PTSD, the people on crutches and presumably the glaucoma patients like me, are all very happy to be there. Very friendly atmosphere.

Then we drove to Cambridge and checked into the Charles Hotel. We rested an hour and then it was time to meet my old friend Charles Coe. We published his first poetry book and his career has really taken off. We had supper at Christopher’s across from the Porter Square mall where the reading was.

We had a good crowd who seemed to like both our poems, and they bought books. Then Woody and I went back to the hotel for a romantic evening on Knopf. Much appreciated. The Charles is one of our favorite hotels.

We had plans for the next day but when we woke, the storm was already raging. We had breakfast and decided to head back. We got out of there around 8:30. There was much less traffic than usual and we made it home [even after stopping for the mail at the PO] by 10:45.

Woody drove through very heavy rain, sometimes almost blinding us, but while it was windy, nothing exceptional until we got home. The wind was very strong and as the day and then the evening wore on, the wind strengthened until it reached hurricane force gusts. the power went out and then the cable.

I couldn’t sleep with the wind howling and boughs slamming into the house . I thought the roof on the sunroom was going to come off. A lot of water leaked into the diningroom.

As we were driving through the village on the way home, water from Wellfleet Harbor was already snaking over Main Street. Blackfish creek, a marsh with a creek it. in looked like a sea. The trees are still being dashed about this morning. Fortunately for the deciduous trees, they’re in good shape because they have no leaves.   But evergreens are in trouble.

We have no idea how much beach erosion we’ll suffer here. The bayside is supposed to get it worse than the ocean, but probably both sides will have major erosion. The last storm like this nor’easter in January washed away a good part of several ocean parking lots. it happened so fast that a car parked at the Beachcomber went over the edge of the high dune. It was a major effort to get it back up the cliff.

We were supposed to have dinner last night with Sophia in town with her significant other, but flooding prevented us.   Trees and wires are down here and there. I was going to a live owl show in Harwich with Dale and Stephen this morning [Woody has zero interest in birds and declined our invitation] but it was cancelled because of the storm.

It was a minitrip but we enjoyed it. Sometimes you just want to get out of Dodge. In addition to the Escher, I wanted to go to parts of the MFA we’ve never been to, so we spent time in the Egyptian collection and African arts. the miniature boats especially excited me.

When the wind dies down a bit, we’re off to see the local damage and glimpse the waves at Newcomb Hollow.

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