Just Can’t Do It

I agreed to write an introduction to an ecologically oriented very long dense book from a university press, but by the time I had slogged through first 100 pp, I realized I couldn’t do it. while I recognize the importance of language in determining what we consider real and possible, much more than a change of language is needed to prevent and perhaps even roll back further damage to the earth we live on and the others with whom we share it.

I have a fair amount of experience as an organizer – in my younger days – I mean, before 65. I tried to imagine putting any of the ideas in the book into practice. I tried to think how any of the ideas coming out of anthropological work with tribes or remote fairly isolated communities could actually fit into organizing work for change. I could not see it. I felt it a very academic project. Urban communities are very different from the group habits they were pushing. A community where everyone knows each other at least somewhat and knows their place is extremely different from an urban neighborhood where you might not know more than perhaps two or three other people.

Another friend died this week. It’s sad but not as tragic as Paul’s death since she was 96, died at home in her own bed gradually with her life partner in constant attendance. She had largely withdrawn from what had been her life and activities. The last time I saw her was a year ago when we had them over for supper. She had essentially stopped going out shortly after that night.

I had put aside a week to read the long university press book so I was freed Thursday when I decided to email them I couldn’t write the foreword. A great relief. I turned back to poetry and to trying to learn Windows 10 on the little PC we got for the assistant who quit. It’s hard to learn much on it as it’s not configured anything like the computer I work on. None of my files are on it. nor should they be.

Still i can learn something, since Woody is reluctant for me to buy myself a PC. He doesn’t think I should try to switch from the Mac.

Today we’re off to Springfield MA to see a play THE ALABAMA STORY in which Melenie has a leading role. Then we’ll all have supper and afterward, we’ll drive back. We should be home some time between ten and eleven. Melenie has another show tonight.

Just about all my seeds have arrived and are sorted, although a larger proportion than usual are backordered. They go into categories; what must be started inside like tomatoes; hardy and can go in the ground as soon as it can be worked [spinach]; tender seeds that can be direct seeded but only after the soil is warm enough [pole beans]; and secession crops that can’t go into the garden till September [fall cabbages]. In about ten days I’ll start the first seeds in the storage room and then they’ll go out to the little greenhouse.

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