Thanks for friends and eating well

Since my chlldhood and early adulthood, I’ve never taken food for granted, have never assumed I would be eating well or eating at all. Maybe that’s why I care so much about being a good cook and why I like to celebrate with friends over a delicious and abundant meal.

Woody helped me on Wednesday. I made a maple Bavarian cream. Then together we brined the turkey with none of the clumsiness and merriment and wild mistakes when the turkey that kept bobbing up out of the brine that characterized the attempt last year. Woody cut up one of our pumpkins and I baked it and pureed it for pie. He plowed the remaining two gardens.

Saturday, Melenie and Jay who had driven in from the Pioneer Valley the night before, staying in a friend’s apartment, came over. Jay helped Woody put order in our largest shed so that he can access the snowblower when needed and do a shed inventory in early January when we are ordering seeds and gardening accessories.

Melenie and I made a rum pumpkin pie. Then after lunch we made apple cranberry sauce, then we stuffed the pumpkin and put it in the oven. Woody cut up the gravlax we’d made the first week of November and froze; then he set up an attractive plate and I put out crackers and fancy olives. Melenie and I made a wonderful fruity dressing. There was time enough in between for Jay, Mel and me to watch much of the Vikings/Lions. As I had feared, the Vikings won. The lions never catch a break. Jay is ecstatic over the Eagles but wary of believing after so many dismal years.

Friends arrived at five. We ate hors d’oeuvres, then sat down at the table at six. It was a warm and wonderful evening. Gigi brought a green salad and Dale brought mashed potatoes, so we had plenty of food. We gave a bunch of leftovers to Melenie and Jay. We’ve been eating the rest ourselves.

The next day, Melenie and I had private time in the afternoon. I gave her seasonal gifts because we aren’t sure exactly when the rehearsals for her next play will start. She’s hoping to get back for the solstice party on the 15th. Oddly enough, a necklace I intended to give her disappeared. We couldn’t find it although I knew where I’d put it.

Today I’ll use the last of the turkey to make turkey soup and turkey salad. At this point, only turkey and a little apple cranberry sauce are left from the feast.

I worked on my office yesterday, trying to impose order after all the rush to finish a revision of the novel. Monday I hope Dale and I can send it off to my agent. Today I’ll work on my bedroom where a lot has piled up and it’s a mess. We just finally took the screens off. Woody will cover the rose bushes while I tidy in here.

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