Crowns and Friends

I’ve begun accepting poets for my juried intensive poetry workshop in June 2018. I’ll announce it on Facebook after Thanksgiving. I read each submission as it comes in until they start flooding; then they pile up for a while but I read them all at least twice before a decision.

I discovered because of a dental emergency while traveling that although I go to my dentist regularly and had been there in August, I had 5 cavities including two under crowns, one of which was giving me a bad toothache. She couldn’t do anything except fill the simple cavities, but she sent me X-rays of the crowns. Even I could see the decay. I don’t understand how my dentist missed them.

I have gone back to a dental office I used to go to years ago. There’s a different dentist there, a woman whom I like so far very much. She is gentle and accommodating to my bad back, etc. I can’t return to my previous dentist, after those discoveries. Woody still likes him as he’s very convenient and Woody had good teeth. I don’t. To repair everything that went wrong with my teeth, I’ll be spending a fair amount of time through the next two months with longish appointments.

I just hope the temporary crowns won’t come apart through all that eating on Thanksgiving. Yesterday I had lunch with one friend and we hosted two others over for supper, Tony who runs a restaurant we like and works with Woody at WOMR and his fascinating mother, Linda, who moved from New Jersey to the Cape last year. I cooked a lamb shoulder dish with cherries and many veggies, roasted Brussels sprouts from the garden and brown rice. Woody bought a chocolate mousse cake while I was in the dentist. We had our killing frost last week. Of course, we still have the hardiest vegetables, Brussels sprouts, Swiss chard, leeks and parsnips still growing, and all the beans, broccoli, beet greens, pureed yellow squash and peppers I froze. I canned many tomatoes and 3 kinds of sauce, dried some tomatoes and have cured and stored pumpkins and winter squashes.

I’m getting toward the end of revisions of this novel and have written a couple of new poems this week. I am looing forward to shipping the novel off to my agent. I hope by the end of the month. Then I’ll start shopping for a new PC for me. I got 2 books on Windows 10.

I finally have most of my summer clothes put away and most of my warmer clothes, out and usable. Still have to find my warm tights. I haven’t been able to figure out where I stowed them. I just finished Jeffrey Eugenides’ short stories, Fresh Complaints. I enjoy his writing very much. I also read Jennifer Egan’s A Visit from the Goon Squad. She writes well but I found it finally unconvincing. While I enjoy fantasy like The Saga of Fire and Ice, I don’t like writing that feels ‘made up.’ is it real toads in imaginary gardens or imaginary toads in real gardens? [Marianna Moore]. Never can remember although the first makes more sense to me.

We’re starting to make plans for Thanksgiving. Melenie and Jay can’t come till late Wednesday, but she can help me on thanksgiving itself. Woody got a turkey at whole foods yesterday and also local cranberries. I’m still figuring out the menu. I hope brining the turkey is less difficult [and less hilarious] than it was when Melenie and i attempted to do so last thanksgiving. Woody and I will tackle it this time. Dale give me some instructions that should make it easier. He’s making mashed potatoes.

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