Back home for the deluge

The cats were ecstatic that we were home, then annoyed we drove into Boston on Tuesday. I had run out of medical marijuana and needed more for my eyes and my pain level. Also went to Whole Foods. That night, the rains began. And continued the next day in torrents; then continued off and on the day after that. On Friday, it finally cleared, but we’re expecting a new possibly stronger storm on Sunday into Monday.

I have been working with my new assistant Emily, showing her the ropes since Penny did not come in after I hired Emily, being sick again. Teaching the job to someone is exhausting for both of us, but Emily is picking it up unusually fast. We are already getting a lot done. Emily is used to a PC, and after my El Capitan debacle and a number of other nuisances, I have decided to return to PCs. We’ve ordered one for Emily. Unfortunately, it turns out to be hard to move data from a MAC to a PC. Staples will not touch a MAC. When the computer arrives, we’ll talk to someone who may be able to move the data.

I’ll have to wait to switch until I have finished revising the new novel.

In the meantime, my email has gone screwy.

While I was doing a miniresidency, I had a bad toothache. I went to a dentist there and discovered five cavities, including two under crowns that are bad enough so the crowns have to be replaced. The dentist there knew I was leaving and couldn’t do any of the work but she gave me Xrays she took. I was furious at my own dentist. I go to him regularly. I was there in August. The dental assistant who cleans my teeth had shown him two of those problems and he said they were fine. I’m temporarily going to a dentist upCape but once all this work is done over the next month or so, I have to find a dentist closer to me. It’s an hour to the dentist I’m using now and an hour back – in offseason. In summer, I couldn’t count on getting there at all or driving and sitting in traffic for hours, so it won’t work as a permanent solution.

My new poetry group is a delight, but we should recruit a couple more good poets. One of the poets was in an accident that pretty much demolished her car. She wasn’t hurt but badly shaken up. She couldn’t get to the group, so there were just four of us.

Friday it turned cool and sunny. Everything is probably sodden, but I’d like to get outside today to work in the garden, possibly walk. My mouth was numb for hours Thursday after the first session, I’d made soup the day before, — my favorite, leek and potato soup. I even made enough to freeze some. I figured I could eat soup whatever the condition of my mouth and teeth after a couple of fillings. Were starting to eat out fall vegetables – the first Brussels sprouts tonight.

I’ve always had bad teeth, the reason I try to hard to take care of mine. I never saw a dentist until I was seventeen. My teeth began to hurt when I was in high school – we ate a high sugar diet – so I’d just chew aspirin. We didn’t go to dentists or doctors. It wasn’t that we were Christian scientists – money wasn’t there for my mother or me to go. Then the telephone company where I was working as a long distance operator sent me to the dentist they used. He looked into my mouth, told me I had three huge cavities. “How much money you got?” It wasn’t enough for fillings or crowns, so he yanked two teeth. When I got to the U of M, I spent much of my first semester in a chair at the dental school, getting free fillings.








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