More hurricanes

I learned Wednesday that the half of my newish novel that I had revised has not only disappeared from my computer but also I can’t find the printed draft of the revised portion. I feel as if I am coming apart at the seams. I can’t imagine what happened to it. I know where it was at the beginning of the summer, but I didn’t move it and it’s no longer where it was. I have been looking and looking with no success.

Otherwise my friend Stephen is scanning important stuff that I have in print form but have lost off my MAC. But so much was never printed out. We went into Boston on Thursday to run errands, among them getting my medical marijuana from Brookline. I had run out, not good for my health. I operate on low dosage pot that I take in the evening; it works for me.

Mingus is a generally healthy car, very fit, all sleek and muscular, but he has eye trouble. Now he has to ge back on drops for his left eye. His eyes are his weak spot and he goes on and off eyedrops as his problems flare up and die down.

I watch the TV and monitor weather information on my computer as we’re very vulnerable here and there’s no viable way to evacuate the Cape. We worry about every hurricane that seems as if it might come up the east coast and get us. Having been through a category two that killed a friend and an acquaintance and knocked out power for a week – no water, no airconditioning, no lights as well as taking out several trees and blocking roads— we live in fear of a stronger hurricane that could take out our house or leave us without power for a long time. We would also have trouble evacuating even if it were possible with only one highway and two bridges connecting us to the mainland because we’d be traveling with four cats.

I know how much damage even a small flood can do, having lost everything I had left with my parents when I went to Europe with my first husband Michel. I look at e photos of what went on in Texas and in the Caribbean islands Irma hit and what may happen in Florida and I feel such empathy, of course. But Trump and the Congress go on denying global warming. They simply pretend it doesn’t exist as they’re not the ones suffering and never would be.

We had a huge rainstorm Wednesday, about five inches. It’s the second heavy rain we’ve had recently and should go a long way toward replenishing the water table. All the brooks and ponds took a hard hit last summer with the long hot drought. I prefer it this way. Drought scares me. Most of the fall crops I planted from seed have germinated now. I have been drying tomatoes. We canned our last batch of tomatoes early Wednesday morning, seven half pints of Kama Sutra Chutney, a house specialty. Now we’re done with canning and back to freezing, storing, and with the tomatoes, drying.

The Pats opener was a disappointment, but not a total surprise. Neither Woody nor I bought the easy road to the Super Bowl or believed they’d win all games. The defense is porous. On offense, they do need Edelman and won’t get him back till next year. Brady did not look that sharp. They don’t seem to have a pass rush at all.

Ninkovich is sorely missed.

Today we go to the Elephant House on Wellfleet Bay for an end of summer party our friends Paul and Dan are giving. They own the house with Paul’s family. I think it’s a bit chilly for swimming today but I’m sure not everyone will agree.








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