Amerigas sucks…and so does Eversource

Every time a utility is bought by a larger utility, what they do goes downhill rapidly. When I first became a customer for Amerigas 35 years ago, they had a different name and were local. They always came promptly. As they kept being bought up by corporations more and more distant and changing their name, the service deteriorated each time. Now it’s nonexistent. Each time they have moved farther away and are less reachable.

In early July I called them to have cannisters of propane for our generator delivered as we were experiencing frequent outages. They said they would deliver. They NEVER did. We have had so many outages that I’ve lost count. Last night was another. Eversource won’t improve their electric lines out here or replace old transformers, so we lose power in every storm. Last night it was just an ordinary rain and we lost power. Eversource is another of those utilities that are now owned and operated by some entity on Mars.

When I called to complain that nothing had been delivered, Amerigas informed me that they no longer deliver propane tanks. They never bothered to tell me. They’re useless, so we now have to suddenly find another propane service, preferably near us. We are into hurricane season and our levels are low. It’s hard to change because the pig tank that contains propane for the house belongs to them and has to be taken away. We could be without a stove for days.

We are still trying to solve the problem, but at least someone came today from Snows. Of all the people we called, only Snows bothered to respond and they also sent someone who consulted with Woody today about how to solve the problem. Today Woody’s drigging a very long trench.

We have finished canning tomatoes, all but kama sutra chutney, which we hope to get to this weekend. There are certain dishes I make only once a year and ratatouille is one of them. I served it last night to Dan and Paul and we have a bit left over for supper tomorrow. I started drying tomatoes yesterday. Before that, I dried catnip. I love my dried tomatoes but I sspect they will take forever to dry because even the paste tomatoes are extra juicy this year from all the rain.

Peppers and Italian eggplants are finally coming in. This week I planted lettuce seeds, arugula [up already] red giant mustard and a few more cabbages. We’re eating lots of red cabbages still but will be out of them long before these green cabbages are ready. Wrote three poems, but besides the work of harvest, I have been concentrating on recovering what files I can from my assistant’s computer and from paper files that our friend Stephen is scanning for me at the bank. I still lack dozens of folders but at least I’m getting access to some files. Every bit helps.

We’re watching Irma with nervous anxiety, after what happened to Houston. Bob was bad enough, a category 2 hurricane. What a time to run out of propane for our generator. It was great to see Dan after so long. Today is cool, tomorrow it’s supposed to rain and Monday is supposed to be quite warm.

Everybody loves Schwartzie, the other three cats, us of course and most visitors. He just slid into the clowder and charmed everyone. Thursday was the first anniversary of when we got him from the Salem shelter @ eight weeks old. Most shelters won’t let you take a kitten till there 12 weeks old, but getting him at eight weeks worked out beautifully. He bonded to us at once, especially to Woody, and he was so small and fuzzy, none of the other cats was threatened by him.

He has been a very happy cat.

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