I’m better as the world crashes

This week is the first since I caught walking pneumonia that I’ve been able to do at least light exercise and otherwise carry on a quasi normal schedule. I had lunch with a friend yesterday in Orleans. it was thrilling to get out of the house for something rather than a quick trip to outer Cape Health to see Dr. Libby.


I’ve been able to give some attention to the cats, so they’re happier. I’ve worked on a story that I should send out Monday, “The Service.” I’ve written a couple of poems, finished seed ordering and all but one of my plant and bulb orders [summer bulbs, not the fall ones]. That one, Wellsweep Herbs, I can never do until early April as they don’t put out their annual catalog till then.


I’ve been cooking in top form again. Working on getting my bedroom back in shape after everything piled up while I was sick. I finished one novel by Nnedi Okoarafor and read another short one by her. I’m about to start Michael Chabon’s MOONGLOW. Been watching mostly Netflix and Amazon on Roku. I like Sneaky Pete and The Last Kingdom– based on Bernard Cornwell’s Saxon Chronicles.


I’ve started watching the stakes races leading up to the Kentucky Derby. That race is far more interesting if you have watched the contenders earlier, and with football about to disappear, there’s no other sports left that I watch.


I must have signed 20 petitions against various Trump disasters this week, although personally I doubt if petitions are effective at all. He is, like many narcissistic types, heartless and totally uncaring about what his decisions do to people. He is leaving a huge wake of suffering in his executive orders. At the same time, the NRC is refusing to close Pilgrim nuclear power plant in spite of their own reports on its lax security and dreadful problems in upkeep, repair and accidents. Theya re insisting on refueling it in spite of huge protests here. Now there are rumros about Entergy selling the plant to someone who will continue to run it.


I am looking forward to the Super Bowl. I think the Pats can win but I’m sure it will be close. So much depends on luck and injuries and lapses in attention. We’ll eat early, skip the endless blather all day leading up to kickoff. I have discovered I dislike Super Bow parties. Everybody tends to get drunk and loud. Always one or two men are explaining plays to their significant others. People yak a lot so you can’t hear. I like to hear the names or numbers of those making good or bad plays if I can’t see the numbers. I always have a list of players on both teams. I’ll also tape the kitten bowl and the puppy bowl and watch some of each. That’s a massive dose of cuteness, enough to last for a month or more.

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